Winter after washing the body, how to get rid of skin itch?

When take bath, outside cold wind, nothing more comfortable than hiding in the bathroom! But, after bath, a cold wind hit, dry skin causes itching, too uncomfortable! So, this time, I want to write an article to talk about can improve happiness bath liquid and body lotion in autumn and winter.

In the winter skin is rough, how to make it soft?

Body skin and facial skin, will do the accumulation of horny metabolism process, which is why the body skin feels rough reasons. If you have been concerned about exfoliating the skin, then more attention should be paid to the body exfoliating.

This is because compared to the facial skin, the body in everyday experience more friction and collision, which will stimulate the corneous layer hyperplasia, to protect the body, especially the most frequent area for joints, hands and soles of these activities, you will find here are some more thick cuticle. The body can be exfoliating once a week to complete in the bath.

In the winter, how to alleviate body skin itching?

Skin dry and itchy, partly because of the dry cold weather take water from skin, on the other hand, the skin itself in the face of the water loss problem, so not only dry but itching.

To solve the problem of dry itching should also start from two aspects, on the one hand the use of body milk or body care oil to enhance skin moisture, maintains skin health. On the other hand, try to avoid cold air contact, use clothing for shelter and protection.

The elbow and knee more rough, how to do?

In the warm water, to fully soak the body skin, and then use the natural Pumice Stones to help to rub the skin cutin, Pumice Stones small holes can effectively remove aged horniness. While at the same time massage can promote blood circulation.

Finally, rich in hydrophilic high proportion of glycerin nourish formula, can quickly nourish the skin, deep into the corneum of formation lock layer. Nourish quickly absorbed by the skin, fresh and non greasy.

Do you know how to take a bath?

Avoid use of superheated water and powerful cleaning products. Avoid excessive cleaning or temperature stimulation affecting skin balance.

Do not use a towel on the skin repeatedly violent, either with liquid soap or scrub, to gently rub your skin. Otherwise it seems to remove the surface of the horny, but the skin was stimulated,

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