Weight loss tips Detoxification and slim

Drink enough water

Drink water to excrete toxins and excess salt, drinking water is to relieve stomach swelling, edema, as well as the best way to eliminate fat. Often drinking is also a kind of weight loss tips. Try to keep your throat wet!

After getting up to drink a cup of boiled water with lemon

After getting up every morning, the first thing to think of is to drink a cup of boiled water, which is not only conducive to the promotion of digestion. Can also speed up the body's metabolic rate, if there is no plain boiled water, drink green tea and lemon is a good choice.

Breakfast to avoid dairy products, drink mixed fruit juice

Some people eat dairy products after breakfast. The stomach will feel uncomfortable. If you try to avoid eating oil, yogurt, cheese, milk and other food! So the gastrointestinal function will be improved. Pineapple, papaya and other fruits contain decomposition of protein, promote digestion of biological enzymes. A blend of fruit and coconut juice between breakfast and lunch.

Use yoga to eliminate toxins

Yoga, can effectively help the body to discharge toxins, but also to play the effect of weight loss, exercise muscle, adjust the mood.

Each meal accurate "one person measure" and full chew

If you always feel too full after a meal, you must change their eating habits. May wish to try for a small dish to eat. Don't fast eating, please eat slowly. If you eat fast, will make the air into the stomach. Stomach will cause flatulence and edema.

Choose to eat Edible fiber snacks

Many women don't have enough Edible fiber is an important element in the process of weight loss to gain a sense of fullness and vitality. Recommended daily intake of 25~30mg of edible fiber. In order to achieve this purpose, please eat rich plant fiber food, avocado, raspberry, pear and other fruits. In addition, it is also an important thing to be able to identify which foods are rich in dietary fiber.

Drink less alcohol before dinner, try not to eat after eight

Drinking can cause the body to appear edema phenomenon, alcohol is absorbed by the body, is not conducive to digestion, and wine in the sugar has a great impact on the health of the body. After drinking people likes to high fat food, it is easy to cause the habit of eating and drinking too much. Do not take Carbonated drinks at same time, you can put lemon slices in boiling water.

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