Step by step teach you how to remove makeup

Before we start let us talk about different cleansing products

Cleansing Oil:

Advantages: oil soluble, have a very good effect for removable, waterproof makeup mild, suitable for sensitive skin and dry skin.

Disadvantages: more greasy, there is the risk of causing acne, expecially oil skin.

Cleansing Water:

Advantages: healthy skin. Suitable for oil skin.

Disadvantages: not easyly remove heavy makeup, suitable for the use of light makeup.

Note: cleansing water inside to add a large number of active agents, moisturizing while removing makeup, but do not ignore the cleaning process,.


Cleansing cream:

Advantages: moisturizing ability is superb, in cleansing skin feeling moist, not greasy, and can fully remove them clean makeup fusion. At the same time with a rich skin care ingredients, soft, small burden on the skin, very suitable for dry skin.

Disadvantages: cream remover products need some time in the dissolution of the make-up,

Cleansing Milk:

Advantages: cleansing milk on the skin is very soft, does not take away the skin sebum and moisture, will only remove makeup emulsion. So the wash is relatively mild and stable, soft and no stimulation to the skin.

Disadvantages: cleaning capacity is relatively weak, it is not easy for more oil make-up

After reading the above, I believe we all know the different products function

The first step, get Mascara completely removed

Mascara is the most difficult to uninstall, and if you use a waterproof type of mascara, then remove it more difficult. Put cotton pad in the lower eyelid, with a little oil remover on a cotton rod, gently to remove mascara.

The second step, and will remove eye shadow Eyeliner

With a cleansing oil in cosmetic cotton, gently around the eyes repeatedly rub around the eyes. Make-up must be unloaded very thoroughly, otherwise it will form a pigmentation.

The third step, the forehead parts from the bottom

When unloading the forehead, put a little oil remover on a cotton pad, and then rub from the bottom toward up repeatedly, if necessary, can be repeated several times.

The fourth step, the cheeks and nose on both sides is also very important

Your cheeks can not be too hard on the makeup, because this part of the skin is very delicate, and in the nose on both sides, this area is the largest local oil accumulation.

The fifth step, the chin and the part of the people from the top down

The two parts of the chin people are very easy to cause acne, we should pay special attention to, you can use cotton knead from the top down until clean.

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