How to whiten your face in winter

Dry winter many people pay more attention to moisturise, ignored whitening. In fact, the winter whitening, needs to do some deep care, such as massage, mask or essence, and other fields of the deep care, promote skin absorption. Here we look at how the winter whitening bar!

Adequate sleep is the key to whitening

People after PM10 o'clock skin enters the metabolism time, whitening, sleep is the key, every day to ensure that more than 8 hours of sleep, keeping happy and optimistic, the skin will naturally be white.

Diet: eat cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, black sesame and other appropriate eat some animal skin, chicken, beef, pig and so on to improve the dark and yellow skin, enhance skin elasticity, beauty and good.

Sunscreen is very important; to use the cream and sunscreen before going out. At night to remember to remove makeup, which is a key step in the whitening method.

Drink plenty of water, eat less fried foods, keep the skin clean, this is a vital step in the skin whitening, but also the basis of many whitening methods.

First replenishment and then whitening

You must have this experience, if in a dry sponge on a drop of red water, red water will soon penetrate into the sponge, but the stain is relatively small; and if in a wet sponge, drops rapidly into the sponge, and the infiltration will be wider, the skin absorption of nutrients is such a reason. So we must be in the use of wet skin whitening products, whitening ingredients to the maximum range, the most quickly absorbed by the skin, the product can also play the biggest whitening effect.

Must ensure that the skin clean

If you often do not wash clean face, let the residual dirt or cosmetics,stay in the face of long-term, not only can clog pores, weaken the skin's defense capability, but also affect the skin's ability to absorb nutrients, only completely remove the oil, the skin surface sebum and aging cutin, the skin can really clean, the cells of the basal layer division will become active; only the pores in a relaxed state, the absorption of whitening ingredients effect will be better.

Whitening Mask

For whitening, mask is a piece of treasure. Mask can be in a short period of time for the skin to provide whitening nutrients, through the super ability to penetrate the skin to get a significant change, so that the skin to achieve an unprecedented ideal state. And the special seal of the mask to cover, so that the skin surface temperature increases, so that the pores open, whitening ingredients quickly absorbed.

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