How to use the facial moisturizing spray

Autumn and winter seasons, a lot of women will prepare a bottle of water spray. Water spray at the same time is also an essential office white-collar, because the air conditioning is always let our skin dry. the moisturizing spray is Essential goods, but you need to know the right way to use moisturizing spray.

moisturizing spray cannot be too frequent

Moisturizing system of skin care products refers to the composition of water absorption and water locked components, both of which are high in the product can better lock the skin moisture and achieve the effect of keeping the skin moist. And for no moisturizing system of water spray, only to supplement the skin's surface water and no work for relieving the pressure on the skin, and cannot prevent the loss of skin moisture.

Autumn and winter, many people will often use a spray, but because the winter skin oil secretion ability decreased, if not with frequent use of spray moisturizing lotion, moisturizing products, and even feel the skin becomes more dry.

Spray replenishment should not wipe but pat

In the use of moisturizing spray should have a certain distance from the face, so that the spray can be a fog like, more evenly covering the face of the skin. Spray after use, the face will feel more humid, then avoid tissue to dry. Because the water will spray moisturizing substance containing sister skin surface, wipe with paper towel easily while absorbing water soluble moisturizing material, reduce the skin's own moisturizing ability. Therefore, after the use of the spray is best to use a finger tapping, and with the use of water containing moisturizing ingredients, can enhance the skin's own water maintenance capacity.

With makeup to use of spray

With makeup how to use spray replenishment? Use with makeup when the spray should pay attention to three points. First of all, the use of the spray atomization effect is better when spay like fog.

Second, far away from the face, to spray fog do not spray water.

Third, do not form water droplets on the surface of the skin.

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