how to lose belly fat? four kinds of abdominal massage to achieve

Waist and abdomen is the most easy to accumulate fat parts, but also the most difficult to get rid of the fat part. You want to completely get rid of the waist and abdominal fat, must use the right slimming method, such as massage to lose weight is a very good way to lose weight and abdomen. Take a look at weight loss recommended four kinds of slimming super effective abdominal massage weight loss method.

Use massage way to lose weight can eliminate a lot of lipids and the consumption of the vascular wall, dilated capillaries, increase blood flow, improve microcirculation, not only can reduce the burden on the heart, but also conducive to enhancing the body’s resistance to disease. For example, the accumulation of fat in the waistline, repeated to do massage to promote action will have an incredible effect.

The waist is difficult to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, is also relatively easy to return so most people using auxiliary slimming way help them improve efficiency. Auxiliary swimming is the most popular in recent years, especially the popular brand Amywish, so that more and more obese people join. Amywish did not disappoint you, perfect fat slimming effect,

Four kinds of abdominal massage to lose weight, easily lose a flat on belly

Abdominal massage to lose weight one

The upper right abdomen is liver and spleen, stomach in the lower abdomen, mild kneading can remove fat liver, spleen and stomach kneading is able to remove the fat, let your hands slightly open like a small Talon, with strength kneading abdominal obesity area, remember that it is not tapping, when kneading time if you feel pain that the liver function is not good the lighten the pressure, do not cause harm.

Abdominal massage to lose weight two,

Natural release the finger, gently pat, like tapping the baby back slapping abdominal in general most fat places, and then to the palm of the hand thumb adduction, the remaining fingers clenched, fists gently tapping the belly fat,

Abdominal massage to lose weight three

Hands stretched overlap on the navel, let hands thumb overlap, palm alignment navel, in accordance with the principle “man right woman left” put the hand down, the body begins to slowly inhale and tighten the lower abdomen, let the hands according to clockwise for abdominal fat where most kneading after 36 times, and then counterclockwise kneading up fat the 36 circle times, this will feel the palm and abdomen had a heat in the kneading time, can increase parts of the gastrointestinal peristalsis, help to eliminate the fat.

Abdominal massage to lose weight four,

Hold the most obese abdominal area, start fast and hard to inhale, hands up, then slowly exhale to relax the body, abdomen retract to keep 5 seconds, then repeat this action to practice 20 times, with the flapping gong with the inhale and exhale method if you feeling dizzy should immediately stop. The abdominal massage to lose weight as long as we keep practicing can be very effective.

Want to have a perfect belly? Diet also needs, remind you, using slimming abdominal massage to lose weight not suitable for just have a meal or special hunger, but also needs to insist for a long time.

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