Causes of dark circles under eyes and how to get rid of it


Causes of dark circles under eyes

Dark circles because of open stay up late, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, venous blood flow velocity is too slow, the skin red blood cells lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in veins excessive accumulation, formation of chronic hypoxia, blood is dark and the formation of stagnation and cause eye pigmentation.

Symptom and sign

darkcirlesDark circles is what we often call "panda eyes", because often stay up late, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, venous blood flow velocity is too slow, the skin red blood cells lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in veins excessive accumulation, formation of chronic hypoxia, blood is dark and the formation of stagnation and the cause of ocular pigmentation. Older people, the skin around the eyes become thinner, so the Dark Circles is more obvious. The black eye is actually two colors. One is blue dark circles, because the venous capillary blood retention; the other is a brown dark circles, because the melanin formation and metabolism incomplete two kinds of dark circles eyes cause a completely different. Dark Circles usually occurs at the age of 20 years old, especially people who living habits are not normal. Now young people stay up have become normal more and more young people have the dark circles. The population over the age of 18 in the dark circles is very common. Because of its slow blood flow, blood volume increased and the oxygen consumption increased, the result of the increase of the oxygen consumption of hypoxia. From the appearance, the skin appears dark blue color. Due to more capillaries around the eyes, so lack of sleep, eye fatigue, stress, anemia and other factors, can cause eye skin congestion and edema. Brown dark circles is the cause of the aging of the long-term sunlight caused pigmentation in the eyes. The passage of time will form a lingering dark circles.

Dark circles treatment

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment of dark circles must be based on the causes of the different treatment modalities.

darkcirclesurgryFor congenital eyelid pigmentation caused dark circles, can be considered the traditional retirement pigment chemical peeling or rubbing ointment, but the effect is not very obvious, past few years, medical technology given by "Q way" in the laser spot, ruby laser, have been able to effectively remove this annoying dark circles. According to the 1995 report of Dr. Rowe, two times of treatment can be improved fifty percent, but the laser treatment will occur about more 1/3 of temporary pigmentation, but avoid exposure of sun and apply sunscreen (protection than fifteen) and do radiation therapy after four to eight weeks of this temporary skin pigmentation will gradually disappear, dark circles will be light. As acquired skin lesions, such as allergies, mean skin inflammation caused the eyelid pigment deepened, In general after one year can naturally disappear.

If the aging of the skin caused by relaxation of the eyelid skin pigment deepened, it is necessary to make eyelid plastic surgery, cut off extra skin, dark circle will be improved. In addition, there are a lot of young people due to the genetic relationship around 20 years old age the bag under eyes is very obvious, caused the appearance of dark circles, such a case to be considered by the conjunctival incision to the lower eyelid excessive fat removal, the bag under eyes disappear, the dark circle will naturally disappeared. Some people are due to the aging cause the eyes bulging. Skin loose dark circle is quite obvious! Look tired, which requires making the lower eyelid plastic surgery and also resection of redundant skin and dark circle will be completely changed.

the most common way Is outside the incision surgery treatment of dark circles, general surgical incision under the eyelashes along the edge to the outer canthus ditch, will cut eyelid separation, remove eye bulging fat, can effectively remove the dark circle, while the tension of lower eyelid skin. Surgical incision is generally called subtle, 1-2 months after surgery will not find the scar, do not worry about.

Laser to remove Dark circles

darkcirclelaserThe laser to remove the Dark Circle through the laser treatment instrument emits freezing special laser, to scan the surrounding dark circles pigmentation of the skin or eye, laser penetration, make melanin into small molecules, and make eye vascular blood flow fast.

Laser to improve skin blood circulation, The new supersedes the old., promote lymph circulation, make deep bags under the eyes of the pigment slowly light, about one course will obviously improve the dark circles effect. Is a non-invasive laser to remove the dark circles, do not need anesthesia, very safe, and has a certain effect on eye skin wrinkle.

The laser to the dark circles in the treatment someone will have swelling, this is a normal, if fit around the eye care and daily maintenance, the effect will be more durable。

Due to different causes, before treatment should be carefully assessed by the orthopedic surgeon, and then take the appropriate treatment, so as to effectively solve this problem.

Oil for dark circles

getcontentEssential oil is the soul of plants, it is extracted from the plant flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, skin, fruit, stems and other parts. All kinds of plants can extract the essential oil, is varies according to different plants, such as rose only fractionally can be extracted, usually about 3000 roses to extract a drop of rose essential oil, very precious. The essential oil has become a new way in the beauty and skin care. It has beauty to the human body, relieves stress, relaxes muscles and so on. Oil is called "plant hormones" , in fact, many of the properties of essential oils are also similar to the human hormone, to prevent dark circles

Essential oils treatment using plant essential oils with "aroma", "massage" and "bath" and other methods, through the human sense of smell, taste, touch, vision, hearing five sensory function, plant hormones, absorption through the skin and respiratory system into the pituitary body, adjust the body endocrine, and thus people adjusted in physiology and psychology, the pouch black rim of the eye problems can be solved from the inside. Physical and psychological recovery coordination, also can eliminate depression, anxiety, boredom, anger and fatigue, so to achieve a kind of inside and outside, and the same treatment method for the dark circles problems. Can also go directly to the skin, essential oil molecules on the one hand to stimulate the nerve, regulating nerve activity and environment, on the other hand, will directly change inside, thus improving the internal environment, and further to regulate the body.

Essential oil molecules can also be directly kill bacteria and micro-organisms. Can also enter the human body, enhance the body's immunity. Adjust the body to prevent the dark circles appear again.

Moxibustion for dark circles

Moxibustion acupoints prescription: Sanyinjiao Jingmen Qimen Hegu Guan yuan sun white

Methods:moxibustion acupoint lit at a distance of 2cm, with local feel warm micro pain. Each point can be used for 10-15 minutes. Daily treatment 1 time, 10 times for 1 course. Between the course rest 2-3 days.

Note: life should be regular, to ensure adequate sleep. Strengthen nutrition, eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products, peanuts, walnuts, sesame, fruits, vegetables, etc.. The skin around the eyes to regular massage.

Food and health care


Apple fish soup

3 apples (about 500 grams), fish 1 (about 150 grams), 2 pieces of ginger, red dates 10 pieces, a little salt.

Method: Peel Scale, remove gills, clean with water, wipe dry fish. With Ginger fry the fish to pale yellow in pan; wahsing apple, ginger, red dates, apple peeled and remove the stalk, cut into the block; ginger peeled and sliced, red dates remove the nut. Add appropriate water inside the cooker boil over high heat. Then add all the materials, switch to the small fire heat two hours. Add salt, drink. Two times a day, morning and night.

Function: prevention of the emergence of dark circles, to prevent bags under the eyes. Apple fish soup can also treat spleen deficiency, blood deficiency, edema, dizziness, insomnia.

Medlar pig liver soup

Ingredients: medlar 50 grams, 400 grams of pork liver, ginger 2 pieces, a little salt.

Method and use: washing Medlar, Liver, ginger with clean water. Liver sliced, ginger peeled cut 2 pieces. First put Medlar, ginger and with appropriate water, raging fire boiling 30 minutes. Middle fire heat for about 45 minutes, and then put the liver in. Cook thoroughly, add salt. Drink morning and night.Function: tonifying essence, tonifying blood Mingmu qingrequfeng. Prevention of liver and kidney deficiency cause dark circles。


Ginseng pig bean soup

Ingredients: Ginseng 15 grams, 250 grams of fresh pig blood, soybean sprouts (without root and watercress) 250 grams, 200 grams of lean pork, ginger 2 slices, salt a little.

Use and use: All the materials are washed with clear water. American Ginseng and lean pork cut into slices, ginger sliced. The amount of water into the cooker, over high heat to boil. Then add all the materials, simmered for an hour, add salt and seasoning, you can eat, once a day.

Function: repose, blood, remove dark circles.

Angelica chicken soup

Ingredients: Angelica 10 grams, 3 grams of Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Astragalus 5 grams, 2 grams of safflower, chicken soup 1000 grams, 100 grams of rice.

Method: first washing the Angelica, Chuanxiong, Astragalus,safflower with rice wine, sliced and put into a bag, add chicken soup and water, cook to medicine juice. Take out of the bag then adding rice, boiling, and then switch to slow the fire boil to congee. Eat 1 times a day.Function: can eliminate the dark circle caused by deficiency of blood.

Health care

Egg with silver ring massage

First cooked eggs, peeled, wrap with a towel, then put the silver ring in. Then, close your eyes, massage around the eyes, each eye about 10 times. Heat and massage, can increase the ocular blood circulation. Mix egg and silver can effect magic, blood stasis.

lotus and Calla residue flip

Washed lotus and Calla, peel, and then chopped. Put the material into the juicer, plus two glasses of water mixing. fillter off water, and then flip eyes 10 minutes.


1) The filter off water can be drunk.

2) flip around eyes before going to bat. Can reduce the chance of dark circles. (Note: Calla and lotus have plenty of iron, protein, good for promoting blood circulation

Potato chips flip

Peeled potato, and then clean with water, slices to 2mm, lying, put potato chips on the eyes, about 5 minutes, then rinse.


1) Apply at night, more help to eliminate eye fatigue.

2)Slice potatoe into large pieces,

3)If there are buds of potatoes do not use, because of toxic. Potatoes contain powder nutrition is good for dark circle

Bee pollen and Royal jelly

Bee pollen and royal jelly each of them 1 teaspoon. After mixing apply on the dark circles position. 1 hour later washes away, 1 time a day, 1 week will see differently. (Note: the bee has a bactericidal effect and sticky, royal jelly contains amino acids, bleaching effect, and can promote The new supersedes the old.)


1 if the dark circles caused by liver function, need to eat shrimp, celery and other green vegetables, fruits are advised to eat more citrus.

2 drinks a glass of red dates water every day to help accelerate bloody operation. Reduce the accumulation of blood stasis reduces the risk of dark circles due to anemia.

3 in the morning to drink a glass of carrot juice or tomato juice, which contains the carotene has the function of eliminating eye fatigue.

4 drinks plenty of water, will effectively discharge the body of waste. Reduce the accumulation of opportunities, can also reduce dark circles. It is best to drink 8 cups a day.

5 the lack of iron and vitamin C, would lead to the dark circles, noodles, eat rice, liver, spinach, tomatoes can help

Prevention of dark circles

Main points

Stay up late and get up early, improper cleansing methods of makeup are the cause of eyes swollen, dark circles and bags under the eyes. Please read the following five points:

1 remember that you must use the appropriate eye make-up remover products, can be completely removed all eye makeup, including waterproof mascara. Defective remover misuse may cause eyes sensitive to discomfort.

2 the skin around the eye have no oil glands, is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, h

3 components of heavy cream when wake up in the morning will make the eyes become swollen, so choose gentle eye cream or gel.

4 the most traditional way: a few slices of cucumber or cold tea bag is always fast way to detumescence.

5 many people using Concealer products around the eyes, will confuse due to a moment. The solution is to mix Eye Concealer products with eyes cream, and makes it more creamy moisture,

Method of remedy

method one

If your skin is white it is easy to show the dark circles, so make your skin dark can light your dark circles appearance

1 in basking to avoid the noon sun, because the sun's ultraviolet light is the most powerful. Please choose 8 to 10 o'clock in the evening or 4 to 6 o'clock in the evening, when the sun is mild.

2 one hours before basking coated with sunscreen degrees can be controlled. SPFI5 is enough.

3 Break when basing ten minutes and have a rest for 5 minutes then go back again, to protect the skin from sunlight. , skin sensitivity and freckles, do not use this method.

Method two:

To eliminate or prevent the dark circles, must be careful to select the eye care products. Had better with Scabish ingredients, due to help relieve tired eyes and skin, if you want to increase the blood circulation, may wish to use the living cell components of the product, such as collagen and ferment eye cream.

1 Eye cream to dark circles

A. Squeezing the eye cream to ring finger. The size of a soybean is enough.

B. stained eye cream with the ring finger lightly applies round eyes the direction from outside to inside, then inside to outside, until is completely absorbed.

2 lighten melanin with eye mask

A. After washing face apply eyes mask around the eyes, then wait 15 to 20 minutes.

B. gently erase with a tissue.

C. then apply with alcohol ingredients toner.

D. and then coated with eye cream.

3 eye cleaning items

A. is best to use distilled water or cold water to clean, reduce stimulation of impurities.

B. use a cotton ball or a soft cotton towel wipe the skin, to reduce irritation.

C. action should be gentle,

D. then press the skin around the eyes with soft tissue.

Method three:

Eye blood flow slow, accumulate at the moment, will form a dark circles, so appropriate massage and eye movement will increase blood circulation. And this will lighten the dark circles.

eyemassage1 right eye, put the right index finger across the eye bags. Left index finger from the corner of the eye. Tapping the right index fingers to the end of the eye. Do 1 time, rest for 5 to 6 seconds, (the left eye with his left hand).

2 with the middle finger in the bags under the eyes, from the start of eyes apply circle massage to the corner of the eyes (with 5 times as a standard), each side of the eye to do once again.

3 the index finger and middle finger touch in the bag under eyes, lightly slide to temple pressing 3 seconds. Repeat 5 times.

Method Four

Often stay up late, smoking and drinking or do some eye fatigue or affect the blood circulation, will lead to the dark circles, if you do not want to have the panda eye, changing your habits of life!

1 wearing disposable contact lenses, because of the low permeability of non disposable contact lenses, easy to make eye fatigue and poor blood circulation.

2 keep warm body temperature, cold environment will make eye blood circulation slow, likely cause the dark circles.

3 more exercises, more aerobic exercise. Such as running, playing basketball and swimming, increase the body's blood circulation.

4 sleep at high pillows, so that the blood is not concentrated in the eye, to reduce the chance of dark circles.

5 sleep, sleep time from 4 to 8 hours of the most appropriate, because the circulatory system to 4 hours one time, n the evening from 10:00 to 2:00 in a deep sleeping state, the blood circulation system will be in the best condition, but after a period of time not to sleep, dark circles will become very serious.

6 smoking and drinking have bad effects on blood circulation and lymph circulation, so it should be avoided.

7 when applying the mask do not face the screen when applying emulsion or deposited mask to face computer, using a mobile phone is not suitable, because the radiation wave will affect the circulatory system, so that dark circles happen.

Pathological and Pathogenic

The reason of dark circles:

1 the genetic constitution and physiological structure, the periorbital skin very thin, subcutaneous tissue less, when the blood flow through the large veins here, Close to the skin surface under the convenient will turn into blue black, is called the dark circles.

2 lack of sleep, fatigue, eyelid not rest, in a tense contraction, long time in the parts of the blood flow increased, subcutaneous tissue eye vascular filling, causing eye congestion, retention of the black shadow.

3 Lack of kidney, the eyes lack of moisture, makes the dark circles.

4 people recovering from illness, due to subcutaneous tissue around the eyes are weak. Skin pigmentation deposition, and extremely easy to appear in the upper and lower eyelids will appear a layer of the black circle.

5 menstruation, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, dysmenorrhea, menstruation, menstrual period is too long, late pregnancy, older and other circumstances, dark circles will be deepened, also include genetic, excessive use of cosmetics, the pigment particle penetration, as well as excessive sex, will lead to the dark circles.

After the formation of dark circles should be the right remedy, see the doctor, find the cause, timely treatment for depression; maintain happiness, reduce the pressure, regular life, give up smoke and wine, good sleep,face glow; strengthen eye massage, improve blood circulation, reduce congestion. For genetic dark circles should be to keep the nutrient supply of the eye skin, such as oily coating, adequate moisture cream, makes eye skin tissue vitality, lighten the dark circles.

Some people think that the formation of dark circles, can be potato slices, apply to the eye, about 4 to 5 minutes; or flips with gauze stained with tea to erase, in order to remove dark circles, but not recognized by the medical community. The congenital dark circles can go to the beauty salon for special treatment.

Formation of dark circles

Dark circles have two colors, one is blue dark circles, because the venous capillary blood retention; the other is a dark brown circles, because the melanin formation and incomplete metabolism. Causes two kinds dark circles are completely different.

Dark circles usually occur in about 20 years old, people lifestyle is not normally likely have because of the micro vascular blood flow slow increase in blood volume and oxygen consumption increase, increase in hemoglobin oxygen results. The skin appeared dark blue color. Due to more capillaries around the eyes, so lack of sleep, eye fatigue, pressure, anemia and other factors, can cause eye skin congestion and edema.

The brown dark circles is related with age long-term sun exposure caused by pigmentation, in the course of time will form a lingering dark circles; in addition, the slow metabolism of melanin caused by blood stasis, people with dry skin will lead to the formation of brown black circle.

In short, the dark circles are caused by many reason, including dermal melanin deposition, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, mainly atopic or allergic contact dermatitis, orbital edema, surface place of the vascular system, and skin relaxation leads to shadow ect..

Dark circles are a common disease, with dark circles will make people look very tired and no spirit, many people want to get rid off it quickly, in the end why there is a dark circles? According to the 1992 French loens physicians doctor report, the cause of the dark circles as follows:

(1) inherited or acquired increased eyelid pigmentation; orbicularis oculi muscle in patients with congenital hypertrophy, or is the eye skin pigment. Congenital constitution of the near parts of the darker skin pigmentation therefore reveals dark gray eyes.

(2) the aging of the eyelids relaxation, skin wrinkles causes the appearance of skin color.

(3) bags under the eyes appear to cause.

(4) the naso-jugal groove to form the dark circles.

(5) the eyelid venous retentate cause.

(6) the penetration of the pigment granules of cosmetics: commonly used cosmetics, there may be some dark cosmetics particles penetrate into the eyelids. For a long time, then presents the black rim of the eye. And some other reasons. Some of these causes may be combined to occur.

(7) diet, lack of iron.

(8) stay up late to cause sleep problems.

(9) natural dark circles: some people are born with darker circles, usually in white people. This dark circles is very difficult to cure, recommend the use of Concealer cream good effects.

(10) pigmentation: melanin precipitation of the dark circles, in fact, the cause of the formation of dark circles inside the pigmentation of the reasons for this. If you always painted eye liner and mascara, but not a thorough remover, it is likely due to pigmentation cause dark circles. Can the use of vitamin A and vitamin C (such as ZO's CHY eye cream). Can effectively relieve eye fatigue, and dredge the choroid, eye blood circulation, lasting moisturizing the eye, promote eye collagen fiber layer growth, strong elastic fiber, improve the dark circles, wrinkles and other conditions.

(11) allergic rhinitis patients: allergic rhinitis patients also have dark circles problems.

(12) from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, there is a reason why there is a dark circles because of kidney deficiency. No matter is the kidney yin deficiency and kidney yang deficiency will lead to the dark circles.

(13) Blood dark circles: lack of sleep, the pressure is too large, drinking, smoking, rhinitis, etc., will cause the carbon dioxide content of the eye blood is too high, and thus the formation dark circles.

Pigment dark circles: because of the different race, some of the black pigment secretion of some race, if often bask,ultraviolet radiation causing pigmentation, forming a dark circles.

(14) congenital

Children are born, gene from parents, many times, as long as there is a dark circles genetic parents, then the next generation will have the possibility of transmission.

Sensitive population



1 eye care repeatedly failed the people.

2 women who often cry.

3 often stay up late people.

4 men and women aged over 20 years.

5 people engaged in computer and network work.

6 cosmetics (make-up) is not used properly, remove is not completely.

Inspection method

First of all, face the mirror, do not laugh, near the inner corner of eyes depressing place. Is there pigmentation or blue color?

If it is, then gently hold flat lower eyelids, check the color of this place of the skin compare with other's, its color different?

If there is, you belong to the pigment type dark circles.

If not, then pay attention to observe whether the lower eyelid area with green blue,

If yes, you are a vascular type of dark circles.

Continue to observe, the thin of the eye, whether the color is light black? If there is, then you are a loose dark circles.Of course, you may find yourself upset dark circles have a variety of characteristics, both have pigmentation troubles, also have the problem of bad blood, and because of get older cause the loose type dark circles,


Often accompanied with the bags under the eyes.


1 hand rub to heat quickly with palm pressing eyes, repeated several times a day, more than ten times, the more, the better.

2 often gently massages the skin around the eyes. About 10 minutes each time.

3 with the thumb pressing Yongquan and Temple 3 ~ 4 minutes, 2 to 3 times each night before you go to bed foot soak with hot water.

4 eat more lean meat, fish, egg, sesame, peanuts, soybeans and other food, increase the intake of protein, vitamin A, vitamin E, in order to meet the physical needs of a variety of nutrients to the skin around the eyes.

5 nights with cold water, warm water alternate apply eyes more than ten minutes.

6, pay attentions to rest, be living regularly with good habit, to ensure enough sleep time, and do physical exercise. Improves body function.

Three step massage to eliminate the dark circles

Step1, pressing on bamboo acupoint, in the front of the eyebrows, fingers pressed for 30 seconds, the interval 1 second.

Step2, pressing on "Jingming" acupoint, finger pressing 1 minutes interval 1 second.

Step3, finger pressing on this acupoint for 2 to 3 minutes, 1 second interval.

Eye mask,

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1\The need to thoroughly clean the skin, using a eye mask before

Do not mind if make-up of the eye, just thoroughly clean the skin is very necessary, cleansing oil cannot be skipped.

2\ will be frozen

Cold eye cream can lighten the swollen eyes will be absolutely soothing.

3\, before apply eye cream heat the eye frame with towel, it is better for the blood circulation around eyes.

4\ Apply eye mask direction

For the fabric type eye mask, from inner eye corner to end of eye, the emulsion eye mask, also from inner eye corner to end of eye. do not change direction

5\, to be precise position of the eye mask

Where to apply the eye mask? The recommended best area is 3mm below the eye, and is only under eyes. Because up the eyes of the skin is relatively thin, the ability to absorb nutrients is relatively limited. If you want to apply in up area of the eyes, only work for eye edema.

6\, Time

Depending on the different requirements of each type of eye mask, but not deposited long time, otherwise I am afraid that would be counterproductive.

7\, eye mask is a close partner

Not to say that apply of the mask is enough, must be applied eye cream after eye mask, so as to let the eye get better skin moisture, if only eye mask, after removing the skin will be tight easy to produce fine lines.

8\ best time to deposited mask

A. after a week of physiological cycle – female hormone secretion in the body, then deposited, the most effective

B. bath — through the heat and accelerate the circulation

C. before going to bed — let the nutrients in your sleep time to work

9\, eye mask cannot be deposited every day

If deposited every day, it cannot be deposited with eye mask go to bed, the volatilization of essence will take the moisture as well

10\, the multiple effects of eye mask

The expression lines on your forehead, eyes small fine lines, dry lines cannot escape its magic.

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