How to apply deep cleansing black mask?

People will choose to apply facial mask to care for the skin. Will also use the deep cleansing black mask, how can make the deep cleansing black mask working maximum effectiveness of the proper use of it? deep cleansing black mask how to apply to have the effect?

The first step: simple to scrub

Girls before apply face of deep cleansing black mask, be sure to ready to do the work. The first step is to simply remove the excess skin and skin cutin, this step is critical, it is related to whether the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture mask. Wash with warm water, and put a little salt into wash water, after the salt dissolved, and then wash your face, and finally rinse skin with clean water. To ensure that the skin is clean out of excess cutin.

Second step: hot water fumigating skin

After the skin to remove excess cutin, carefully clean the skin pores, the pores of dirt and grease all cleaned out, ensure the skin completely clean and refreshing, and then apply deep cleansing black mask. Preparing a pot of hot water, and then move the face above the hot water for fumigation, five minutes, then with warm water to wash. Then with hot water fumigation of the skin again, can put the dirties out of the pores in order to prepare the skin to absorb nutrients

Third step: apply deep cleansing black mask


After cleaning the skin of the cuticle and dirt, you can apply mask. Prepare a deep cleansing effect of the mask, apply on the clean skin, the process of applying the mask, you can gently massage the skin, fifteen minutes later, remove the mask, with warm water to clean the skin. Be sure to clean the skin and avoid dry skin.

deep cleansing black mask using the method of small Tip:

1, apply deep cleansing black mask should not be more than 2 times a week, dry skin, it is recommended to apply 1 time a week. (if the skin around the nose is very easy to out of oil, can do 3 times a week. )

2, the winter air is relatively dry, if you feel deep cleansing black mask over dry, you can deep cleansing black mask with some moisturizing cream or moisturizing lotion to reconcile the use of,

3, when the mask can be put some light music, or read a good book, drink a cup of tea,let you fully relax,

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