how many calories should i eat to lose weight?

When excessive intake of calories, the body is in a state of oversupply, excess calories will become fat to be stored, people will naturally get fat.

The human body consuming energy all the time in order to maintain physical activity, people must intake calories from food. However, when excessive intake of calories, the body calories in the state of piling up in excess of requirement of excess calories, will become fat stores, people will naturally get fat.

To lose weight through diet, we should control the calories supply and demand in a relatively balanced state, in the maintenance of physical activity on the basis of reducing calorie intake, you will be able to successfully lose weight.

How much calories per day?

The intake of calories every day can not be generalized, but It differs from man to man., a formula of an accurate calculation, here, you need to understand the two concepts, one is BMR (Metabolic Rate Basal), and the other is REE (Energy Expenditure Resting).

BMR (Metabolic Rate Basal), is a person to maintain the basic physiological functions of the minimum calories value. In simple terms, is to maintain the required calories when people in a vegetative state. In general, per kilogram of body weight per hour for the BMR is approximately equal to a kilocalorie, under normal circumstances, the body is fat person per kilogram of body weight per hour BMR are less than slimmer people.

The BMR calculation method is: body weight (kg) x24 (H) X1 (CAL)

A female body weight is 50kg, the minimum calories she needs for a day is: 50x24x1=1200

REE refers to the static energy consumption, is the average person's minimum calories demand. A lot of methods to calculate REE, in this we recommend the most simple calculation method: BMRx1.1

One female body weight is 50kg, that she needs BEE for a day: 1200×1.1=1320

Although the daily calories formula can be calculated, but because of the activity coefficient of any kind of physical activity is different, people need not congruent heat formula calculation of heat, to know how much Calories need per day. Here are two calculation methods:

NO, 1

REEx activity coefficient

Reference activity coefficient:

Lying in bed, the activity coefficient was 1.2;

Sitting or walking, the activity coefficient was 1.3;

Normal activity, the activity coefficient is 1.5~1.75;

Mass movement, the activity coefficient is 2


Low physical activity: standard weight x 30 = required calories (kcal);

Moderate physical activity: standard weight x (35~40) = required calories (kcal);

Heavy physical activity: standard weight x (45~60) = the required calories (kcal)

A lot of calculation methods of daily calories, if you feel too much trouble, then you only need to remember, in general, daily caloric intake must be higher than 1200 kcal, 1500 kcal per day women won't get fat, calories about 1800~2000 Kcal for the men..

What are 1200k calories?

The female is slightly higher than the intake of 1200 calories, will help loss weight.

1200 kcal = 13 apples

1200 kcal = 5 bowls of Steamed Rice

1200 kcal = 3 sausage

1200 calories is 26 pieces of chocolate

1200 kcal = 53 carrots

1200 calories is 14 pieces of bread

1200 kcal = 3 in potato

1200 kcal = 8 cans of cola

How do you control your appetite?

Clearly know that how much they should take per day, but some people just cannot control their own mouth. How can we manage the mouth, to prevent the "steal eat"?

1 must eat breakfast

Now many white-collar workers are accustomed to the work of men and women do not eat breakfast, in a hurry to go to work. And it was almost noon. In fact, this is the most detrimental to weight loss. But also cannot be on a diet. On the contrary, if you do not eat breakfast, then feel very hungry at noon, it will eat more than after breakfast intake of calories. So, if you want to go on a diet, eating breakfast is the first step in the diet.

2 Eating soup before meals

Because eating soup in your stomach, you will not feel so hungry, so when you eat, will eat less, also will control the appetite.

3 drinks a glass of water when you want to eat.

Drink water so that the mouth and stomach have something to pass through the feeling, the water can fill the stomach space, reduces the sense of hunger. In addition, drinking water can fill the stomach, so that the you will eat t less. In addition to drinking plenty of water is conducive to detoxification.

4 brush your teeth immediately after a meal to resist appetite

Each meal to eat 70% full, after a meal, brush your teeth, not only will make your teeth more healthy, but also suppress your appetite after the meal, whenever you want to eat something, it is suggested that you have been brushing teeth. Mint taste toothpaste has the best effect of ending hunger. In addition, do not forget to brush the tongue. Can you see a layer of white. These may be the cause of your growing appetite.

5 eat less food

Binge eating is the most likely to gain weight, in fact, want to control the appetite, you can eat many times a day, but don't eat too much at every meal. In fact, it is very good for stomach

6 acupoints to control appetite

(1) put the index finger on the Philtrum. Press 30 times in 10 seconds, so that you can immediately let the stomach no longer have the feeling of hunger.

(2) the inside of the wrist. When the mind filled with full of snacks, with the index finger and middle finger pressing the wrist, and then along the part below the thumb slowly pressed to the little finger.

(3) the center point between the chest rib and the belly button. Hold this position with your index finger and middle finger, and quickly press 30 times in 10 seconds.

(4) palm pressure. If it is due to high pressure or emotional stress cause appetite, can be relatively mutual pressure between the two palms, from the index finger down to the elbow joint position, which helps to eliminate tension.


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