Exercise how long does it take to lose weight

Exercise more than 30 minutes a day to lose weight

Jogging how long can lose weight? First, let's take 5 minutes to relax and take it as a warm-up. And then run fast for 30 seconds, next 30 seconds to slow down the speed, and finally run for 60 seconds. The last 60 seconds faster than the speed of 30 seconds to accelerate the pace of running, but do not achieve the sprint speed, should be gradually accelerated, as fast as possible to run as fast as possible. The middle of the 30 second is not a jog, but is to slow down the pace for the next running fast..

Find a circle road, take 3 ~ 5 minutes to easily finish. After warming up preparation, the real run started, record the time. In running second laps, to use less than 5 to 10 seconds than the first lap. Then take a walk or jog for 1 minute to rest and relax. Then start to run third laps, the speed less than second laps 5 to 10 seconds.Then Jogging. 
How long can lose weight? Do 5 to 3 groups of this exercise. Finally let the body calm down, exercise is completed.
Jogging every day for more than 30 minutes is the most conducive to weight loss, but a time of strong exercise should not be more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will have a sense of hunger.

If exercise time is too long is not good for weight loss

University of Copenhagen recently made an experiment, found that a small amount of exercise is better than a large amount of exercise to lose weight. The subjects were divided into three groups,

the first group does not need to exercise every day,

the second group every day for half an hour of moderate exercise, such as jogging, bicycle riding,

The third group high intensity exercise daily 1 hour.

The daily amount of exercise in the second groups was consumed at 300K calories, and third group was consuming 600K calories. For calorie intake, the researchers let the participants eat by themselves, do not control diet. After 13 weeks, the participants in the first group had no change in body weight, which was normal. Weight changes in the second groups and third groups of participants were surprised by the researchers. The weight of the participants in the two groups all decreased, but only half an hour of exercise per day, the average weight loss of about 3.18kg, 1 hours a day weight loss was about 2.27kg.

Why exercise less, but the weight is reduced more? There may be three reasons for this. First of all, we know that the weight is because calorie intake is less than the consumption of calories, third groups of participants may feel hungry because of excessive physical exertion, so intentionally or unintentionally ate more calories of food. Second groups of participants because of moderate amount of exercise, did not feel particularly hungry, so there is no significant increase in the intake of calories. In this way, although the third groups of participants consumed more calories, can be consumed more calories, so that the daily consumption of calories is less than second groups of participants, of course, the weight loss is relatively slow.

Second, in addition to running, cycling or swimming and other sports, we are constantly consuming calories. The researchers found that third groups of participants because of intense exercise every day for 1 hour. So often feel very tired, and will reduce their activity. As a result, in one day, in addition to 1 hour of exercise, they almost sitting all time. The second groups of participants because of only moderate exercise every day, but feel that their energy has been improved, and in their daily lives to increase their activity. For example, in the past they would wait for the elevator on the office, and the day after half an hour of exercise will take the initiative to choose to climb the stairs. In this way, if you count the amount of activity a day, in fact, the second group of participants consumed more calories than third groups.

At the end of the study, the researchers show that, in addition to weight loss, there was an increase of muscle of the third groups, while the second group did not. That is, the third group participants increased the muscle, the second groups of participants only less fat, so the second groups participants to reduce the "net weight" is more. If you want to have a beautiful muscle, you can choose high intensity exercises, if you just want to quickly minus the fat and lift their spirits, exercise is moderate for half an hour every day.


Choose your favorite sports

Whenever you start a new exercise, some people ask, "is this the best exercise to lose weight?"" In fact, these people in the middle of a relatively high probability of giving up movement. In the process of exercise, you must put the enjoyment of sports, so that it may continue until the perfect effect to achieve weight loss.

Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise at same time

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise is not an opposition movement. Two kinds of exercise on weight loss effect is different, however, in order to achieve the best weight loss effect, must be carried out at the same time. Aerobic exercise to get rid of fat fast, anaerobic muscle endurance exercise, maintain your weight loss results, so that your muscles, skin more flexible.

Stretching exercises must be done before and after the movement.

Pre exercise stretching can warm body, prevent injuries. Stretching after exercise, finishing the accumulation of fatigue around the muscles.

Exercise 3 months before it effect

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