Clever usage of soap in the home

1, the bathroom mirror when fog will become blurred, you can apply a layer of soap on the mirror surface, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth, the mirror will not become foggy, can last for a period of time.
2, drawing on white cloth, add a little soap in the ink, so the cloth on the handwriting will be very clear.
3, the metal shell of watch wipe a little bit of soap, with a clean cloth, can prevent sweating erosion watch.
4, put the soap into the closet, drawer or cupboard, can play the effect of aromatic storage space. In addition to the toilet can also be used, such as broken soap into the bottle, add boiling water to make soap soft, then it will emit a fragrance. Cleaning trash can use some soap water can also get rid of bad smell
5, the new rope is too hard, you can put the rope into the soap water soaking for a few minutes, so that the rope will be soft.
6, bamboo, rattan furniture is dirty, you can use the soap water to clean.
7, when you brush the paint, it is best to apply a layer of soap in the hands, so that even if the dip paint, very easy to clean. Processing paint brush, as long as the brush soaked in soapy water, ten hours later the brush easy to lean.
8, the home of the drawer pull very hard, you can put the soap on the track, it will be very slippery. Also when the shutter is not good pull, as long as wipe rope with some soap then pull rope several time it is will be ok, When using a saw blade, to apply some soap, will not be stuck, also it is not easy to break. There are more difficult to rotate the screw, you can apply some of the soap on the screw, and then it will be more easy to screw up.
9, the mosquito bites itch with dip a little soap water, directly onto the bite position, you can quickly relieve itching. If there is a small area of water or fire heat or hurt the skin,put position soaked in soap water can relieve some scald pain.
10, clean the shutters, hand on cloth gloves, and then stained with some soap water, and then a scrub one by one.

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