cat eye makeup tutorial let you know how to do a cat eye

Cat eyes makeup is the best charming makeup, but don’t think the Upturned black eye tail is a cat eyes and the choice of the color change of the eye tail shape can be let the cat eye makeup was absolutely different from the effect, Let’s to learn about these 8 fashionable cat eye makeup!

High profile black cat eye makeup

Suitable for eye shape: single eyelid

Some exaggerated cat eye makeup is very suitable for single eyelid girls, first with some fine eyeliner backing to draw the triangle contour and then use eyeliner to fill, in the end of the eye to create effects like small wings. Pay attention to the shape of the eye liner angle not too high, along the shape of the eye extension is good.

Pale golden cat eye makeup

Suitable for eye shape: all eyes

This pale golden cat eye makeup replaced originally black eyeliner with gold color, eye end part and a high profile similar to black eyeliner, but can be changed according to their eye shape. First, with the black eyeliner draws out the liner, then using the golden Eyeliner draws out the eye liner and eye tail, and finally you can press a layer of gold eye shadow powder. Because the golden eyeliner is not as obvious as the black eyeliner, so the tail part of the eye can be slightly exaggerated.

Double tailed cat eye makeup

Eye type: double fold eyelid

Double tailed eyes do not mean to draw two lines, but the drawing will also extend the end of the eye, two eyes and effect. With the angle of eyeliner brush head slowly draw from the eye extend to the end of eye liner and slightly elongated, note: the difference with the high profile cat eye makeup is not to drawing eyeliner too thick, eye end part do not draw too exaggerated, the lower lash line is thinner and shorter than the upper

The gradient smoked cat eye makeup

Suitable eye type: deep eye socket

This will be made one eye liner and shadow together like little smoke feeling, but the eye tail part is different with smoky eye. With gray or brown matte shadow in the eye rendering, using bevel of eyeliner brush dipped into the black eye shadow powder, eye liner tail extending in the postorbital also extends to the intersection angle of eyeliner brush and the extension part of the liner, forming a natural upturned tail. Then use the Smudge Brush gently forward part of the eye tail, make the eye more natural.

Golden cat eye makeup

Suitable for eye type: all eyes

This golden cat eye makeup more exaggerated than second pale golden cat eyes, in fact is more suitable for deep skin color girls. Gold eye liner in the selection can also be a little brighter. The tail of the eye can be slightly larger.

Smoked sexy cat eye makeup

Eye type: double fold eyelid

Our suggestion chooses gray or gray blue eye makeup eyeliner and eyeshadow, Eyeliner drawn upturned shape, and then use eye shadow powder to fill the whole eyelid, not too thick and can connect to Eyeliner will be ok.

Small fresh cat eye makeup

Suitable eye type: deep eye socket

In order to be a little fresh looking, eyeliner cannot be too thick, as long as the root of the eyelashes can be drawn carefully, you can not pull the eye tail too long. Use eye shadow copper gray in the eye tail slightly, the key is to extend along the brow slightly lower, to the first part of the eyes, the other part of the light colored eye shadow light.

Minimalist cat eye makeup

Suitable for eye type: all eyes

A thin upturned eye tail line can easily create a charm effect, need to pay attention to is the eye tail apply lightly, eyeliner is not drawn too real, in order to increase the charm feeling, you can add a layer of silver white on black eyeliner eyeliner and lip makeup on top, absolutely let you hot and charming.

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