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Recently “open the corner of the eye” become a trend ~ girls who want to big eyes are seeking their methods, do not worry! I will tell you:

What? You must operate do you really want to?

Although now do an operation to double eyelids, open eyes’ corner is not difficult, but small surgery, is that there will still be a risk, presumably this is also a lot of girls has been reluctant to start.

But after the surgery, the wound always needs recovery time, office girls have not plenty of holidays to make eye detumescence? Or do you have self-confidence carry the scar + swollen eye goes to work?

So, for the coward girls, I think you are going to learn the most reliable eye makeup trick to “open eyes!”

7 step to makeup for “open corner of eyes”



At first with a light colored eye shadow painted the entire eye socket and furrows under the eyes

















Then use brown eyeliner draw an external liner, and then spread with your fingers.















Then use pink eye shadow draw from the outside corner of the eye, note: color should be the more outer the more heavy, so as to enlarge the effect of the eye. Don’t forget to draw the furrows under the eyes shadow. With pearly white Eyeshadow in the central bright eyelids.
















Then use black eyeliner to draw the inside eyeliner, eyes appear more profound.















Then brush eyelashes. Cling half false eyelashes from the middle to the end of eyes,















Then use a cotton swab dipped in concealer, painted on the lower eyelid, we must be careful not to poke to the eye. Now corner of the eye is “open”















Finally, with the loose powder apply the eyelids, and using pearly white coated furrows under the eyes and inner canthus.
















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