Avoid the 10 mistakes of remove makeup

Cleaning work is the basis of skin care, and makeup remover is the most important cleaning work. Today, we are brought to the cleansing process errors, remember these points, can help you lay a good foundation for maintenance.

Remove makeup before go to bed

Even if you tried, come back home too late also need to complete the cleansing work, because the makeup will make the sweat and bacteria in the face, can make the skin becomes dry and dehydrated. So before going to bed, we must do a good job cleaning up, cleaning, not only to wash away the dirt during the day, to prevent clogging pores, but also allows the skin to get a full rest, and timely maintenance of the skin.

Only using cleansing wipes

After cleansing wipes still need cleaning the face

Just rely on facial cleansing wipes cannot clean the skin completely, the effect of makeup remover wipes is very good but can not completely wipe away the facial cleanser and makeup, only after the cleaning water can take off the residual facial makeup and dirt.

Only use a cotton puff

Do not use only a cotton puff to remove makeup

If just use a cotton paper to wipe up remover, and cannot thoroughly clean the face. This will cause the wipe off dirt face again and clog pores, on the other hand, with the same cotton puff cotton wipe face the makeup residue will still remain in the face.

Do not think that can completely remove eye makeup by wipes

The eyes makeup need to be carefully removed

Because the eye is very delicate, and the structure of the eye is very sensitive. So completely rely on the wipe may lead to a eyes infection. Need more careful to remove eye makeup, patience, if want to wipe up eye makeup, can use a cotton pad applies on the eyes a few seconds, and then gently wipe off. This can be removed 70% eye makeup. Still need clean with cream remover or water to remove.

According to the makeup choose the right way to remove

Cleansing lotion and cleansing oil

If you just light makeup, such as BB cream and simple Concealer can choose to use makeup remover and cleanser to clean the skin. But if a flashy makeup, concealer, shadow, false eyelashes and lips, then step by step remove apply cleansing oil remover before cleansing increase. Cleansing oil can often moderate removal of relatively flashy facial makeup, makeup cleansing oil remover with relatively modest way to achieve the purpose of cleaning and cleansing.

Use the overheated water to remove

Use warm water cleansing

We think that some higher water temperature can better help dissolve makeup products, the overheating water may take away the original skin oil, also the natural skin protective film was taken away, so you can use warm water after cleansing, and wash the face with fresh water.

Choose right cleansing products for yourself

Selection of skin cleansing products

First of all, it is necessary to know what is your skin type, and then select the corresponding skin cleansing products, so that can nurse care skin during remove makeup time

PH value of cleansing products

Generally healthy skin pH value about 4-5.5 PH, weak acid. If the pH is alkaline cleanser, it may destroy the skin’s own moisture barrier, skin soft acid can make the skin external form a protective layer, and inhibit the growth of bacteria, help the skin healthy and elastic. If this acid environment is damaged, the skin acid-base imbalance, it will occur redness, inflammation and skin drying.

Do not use too large particles exfoliating products

Although our skin will always have the old waste horny, we need regular exfoliating, but do not use too sharp exfoliating scrub. This sharp exfoliating products cause skin damage is far more important than the old waste cutin stay in the face.  Towels can not be used to remove makeup, but the soft texture is very suitable for exfoliating. You can use a towel to clean the face will wipe away the old waste horny.

Dry the face with a semi dry towel

After the completion of the cleansing, wring towel to the semi dry, gently apply on face and do not wipe the face.

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