Anti aging diet and anti wrinkles products

With the growth of age a variety of factors will lead to the formation of wrinkles. But if the correct skin care daily prevention can effectively prevent skin aging of topical skincare and in addition to the food recipes is better

Easily lead to wrinkles reasons

1. All kinds of canned food and fried food

What to eat easily lead to premature skin wrinkles? For example, many canned food, salad dressing, coffee and frozen long time food. In addition many women like heavy taste, like to eat fried spicy food, these are the reason likely lead to wrinkles food, so try to eat less, it has a deep effect on the skin irritation and damage.

2. Excessive salt intake

Too much salt is not only tend to high blood pressure, but also affect a person’s appearance, salt is too easy to cause the body’s water and nutrients greatly loss, and thus easy to breed wrinkles.

Skin care product to anti wrinkles

It contains ginseng pearl, bone and antler powder gold bamboo and other core components after a long time to cook, the essence of rich nutrition, from the inside to outside keeping skin luster best condition.

After use, as the skin can continue to self repair self-healing, prompting cells continue recovery, thus continuing to restore skin collagen fiber subtle damage. Skin tissue becomes tight and elastic. Quietly make the skin refresh.

The new upgrade “Lancome black bottle” essence muscle bottom liquid efficient awaken young skin, quickly penetrate into skin bottom, lets skin young. Unique excellent texture, such as egg white fresh and pleasant, quickly penetrates the skin, promote subsequent care products absorb, give the skin a full range of protection. When applying the skin feeling fresh and instant, egg white texture instantly absorbed by skin, moist and smooth, uniform and bright, let the “young light” from the inside bloom.

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