8 fast ways to Thin Waist let you get a small waist soon

The small waist, every woman wants to pursue the perfect figure, but there are some girls in potbellied, feels very disappointed? Today we tell you 8 quick thin waist methods to get small waist quickly! Learn it!

1, crude salt thin abdomen method

Some OL belong to the kind of very unfortunate have naturally thick waist. So for abdominal fat OL, You can go to the supermarket to buy several bags of salt on store at home, every time before taking a shower, take a cup of salt to add a little hot water and stir into a paste, then coating your abdomen. Stick with the salt massage, there will be variations. Need to remind you that if the skin is relatively sensitive, please select “special anti sensitive bath salts”. Massage should also pay attention to avoid hurting skin.

2, the practice of Yoga thin waist

Yoga cannot only exercise, but also can work well of thin waist weight loss. If you want to do yoga to thin waist, in the practice of yoga, the use of abdominal breathing. In addition, when practicing yoga will force on the waist and abdomen, waist and abdominal fat to get consumed. with the nutrition food is particularly popular, such as AVON and Amway,

3, possibly keeping upright position

Upright can play a slimming effect, buttocks to intensify toward inside, and on both sides of the waist force, the shoulder blades also stepped up. keep upright position, abdominal force action can solve the long-term accumulation of abdominal.

4, hula hoop thin waist

Hula hoop is one of the most effective methods of thin waist. The hula hoop can accelerate the abdominal fat burning, play a role in thin waist, take 20 minutes every day hula hoop can make a thin slender waist. Over 30 minutes, so that it works of thin waist! Every day the hula hoop 30 minutes, let the waist fat accumulation to get the full combustion, so to play an excellent thin waist effect.

5, increase the intake of Vegetable & Fruit

Abdomen slimming cannot do without body weight loss. Thus controlling the total calorie intake is necessary. Eat more fruits and vegetables not only easy to satiety, but also help you reduce the desire to eat dessert. In addition, eat more foods rich in fiber can be effective in the treatment of constipation, and constipation is one of the culprits in your belly bulge.

6, Sofa hypsokinesis thin waist method

First, the body slightly to the chair or sofa to sit in front of a point, and then the body slowly leaned to back, but don’t rely on., keep breathing, pause, and then slowly get up. It’s important to keep breathing, and the accuracy of breathing is the key to success. This movement can stretch waist, reduce waist fat, insist for a long time can cure hunchback

7, Oolong tea to slimming waist

Drinking oolong tea can burn body fat, help reduce abdominal fat accumulation. Oolong tea is semi fermented tea, almost does not contain vitamin C, but rich in calcium and other minerals, including the promotion of digestive enzymes and decomposition of fat ingredients. Before meals, after dinner drink a cup of Oolong tea, can promote the decomposition of fat, so that it is not directly absorbed by the body, to prevent excessive fat intake caused by abdominal obesity.

8, 30 times sit ups every day

Sit ups is one of the most effective methods of thin waist, so, even if the work is busy, every night before going to bed to do sit ups 30 times, thin waist becomes very easy. The key of the thin waist sit up, move to upper strength to come out by the abdomen, in order to achieve the effect of thin waist. However, this kind of exercise is not suitable to do when you just eat, at least 1-2 hours after meal.

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