“5+5” easiest way to lose weight and slim to perfect

Some girl is plump, 5 weight loss tips and 5 kinds of slimming food, let you get perfect body.

5 lose weight tips easily get rid of fat

1, systemic aerobic exercise

Fat is in the body. “Slightly fat girl” figure is uniform. Therefore, slightly fat people want to lose weight, we must first do the body aerobic exercise, and then combined with the diet. With the popular special nutrition slimming method the effect is perfect, such as, Amway slimming, fruit enzyme etc,

2, Daily strength training

The slight fat body fat rate is not too high, if you want to make yourself look slimmer, should pay more attention to shape your body. On the one hand to reduce the fat, on the other hand is to let their muscles stronger. To achieve such weight loss effect, strength training is essential, it is recommended to arrange one or two times a day.

3, eat more food rich in cellulose

High content of fiber food makes you feel full but calories are not high, eat plenty of food rich in cellulose good for detoxification and weight loss. Not only conducive to getting perfect body, but also to maintain health.

4, eat less but more times

The slight fat person is not obese, in the diet not too severe, as long as the good control of daily calorie intake, eat less but more times is the premise of the same total calories intake, To achieve the purpose of weight loss by subdividing the meal quantity, so you won’t eat too much because of hungry.

5,Eat after exercise half an hour

This was our weight-loss guidelines for having heard it many times, however, whether it is to slim or want to increase muscle and fitness of the people should be eating in time after exercise. People who want to exercise to slim at least 1.5 ~ 2 hours to eat after exercise. Otherwise it will cause fat because of good absorption.

5 kinds of slimming food more eat more thin

1, oats

Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber, can be a long time to maintain a sense of satiety. Prevent excessive intake of oily and salty food. But also the “natural gut wash”, can prevent constipation.

2, corn

Corn is rich in calcium, phosphorus, selenium and lecithin, Vitamin E, etc., can reduce the role of cholesterol in serum, can prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease. Of cholecystitis, gallstones, jaundice, hepatitis and diabetes.

3, apple

Apple is rich in potassium, can exclude excess sodium in the body. The rich in acid, can prevent fat accumulation, but also with other cholesterol lowering substances such as vitamin C, fructose, magnesium together to form new compounds, thus enhancing the effectiveness of cholesterol lowering.

4, kelp

Kelp is rich in cellulose, can significantly reduce serum cholesterol. It can also clear the intestinal waste and toxin, so it can effectively prevent rectal cancer and constipation.

5, yam

Yam include new liquid protein, can prevent cardiovascular system fat deposition, maintain vascular elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce subcutaneous fat deposition, avoid obesity. The dopamine in yam has the function of dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

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