30 extra salt usage tip

1, Hoarse of singing, talking, drinks salt water will be better.
2 If you have dandruff. Salt water wash hair can remove dandruff, can prevent hair loss.
3, wash broccoli — vegetable has bugs, as long as the food into the brine, those bugs will crawl out of their own
4, vitamin C losses with fruit juice or fruit and vegetable juice when grinding fruits and vegetables, will lose a lot of vitamin C, so in the before, put some salt into OK!
5, bowl dish cleaning – salt water or salt + vinegar, OK!
6, the candle – lit candles, put some salt in the wick nearby, can let the candle brighter, longer.
7, coughs – with salt and water ratio of 1:100, stirring evenly, with a straw to drink salt water is a good thing.
8, the moth – wooden furniture will have moth, with salt water in the furniture surface wipe, can effectively prevent moth.
9, Boiling eggs, with a little salt can prevent the breaking of the eggshell. Protein will not be loss. After cooking, put in cold water, the shell will become very easy to strip.
10, coffee + salts – can drink, of course, do not get some flavor (a little bit better!).
11, rattan, bamboo – rattan, bamboo salt washing, can make them change durable!
12, fires – the newspaper wrapped with salt into the fire, not only to augment the firepower, but also to reduce the smoke.
13, brushes – with salt or brine brushing teeth can be more white.
14, when food poisoning emetic slight or excessive drinking can cause discomfort, citing brine emetic help.
15, soo – dust stained white cloth or cloth, can be used warm saline scrub, dust removal.
16, the broom – will buy a new broom soaked in salt water for a moment, to dry after use will not be shed.
17, clams – cook clams, to soak in salt water so that it will not eat any food when removing sand.
18, don't be afraid of milk changing taste. Salt milk can be kept for days is not bad, also can be utilized to make the cake and shampoo.
19, rice — certain saline and rice into the rice cooker, not only steamed rice loose and soft, but also unique flavor.
20, fruits – apples, pears and other fruits containing iron finished peeling will change the color of discoloration, don't worry, as long as put into the salt water, can prevent discoloration.

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21, baths, add some bath salts or salt, can also make yourself refreshed sterilization.
22, vinegar – add some salt in vinegar, can be maintained for a long time and not Deterioration.
23, marks by heat – tables and chairs, such as burning marks can be used to reconcile the olive oil and salt, then burn marks on the wipe clean after an hour, it is returned to the original.
24, weed – like weeds in the backyard growing very fast, can be sprinkled on the weeds a lot of salt, 3, 4 days will be ok.
25, if the cramps and chills, salt can be sauted hot, put in a cloth bag and wipe in the limbs!
26, fire burns, burns – will be soaked in salt water for 10 minutes or with salt sprinkled on the wound, will be able to relieve pain, sterilization.
27, towels – for a long time, there will be sticky phenomenon, after rubbing with salt, in the wash with water will not be wet and sticky.
28, wood – wood with a long time will turn black, with salt water after cleaning, can be restored.
29, splashing oil – frying food, you can put a little salt in the pan, so that not only can prevent the oil splashing but also burns the food.
30, mouths broken – mouth broken for a long time cannot be good, as long as the use of salt to wipe the mouth wound places.

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